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6.82 version of dota2 Klinkerz skeleton play guide

2018-04-30 01:36:27

The immortal flame on the face of this fallen elven archer proves to others that he is a pure undead. Clinkz strives for perfection in archery and never mind sacrificing his Allies to achieve his goals. He moves with the wind and is always ready to stab enemy officers with his swift and precise archery. His arrows can make the target feel the heat of the underworld and bring danger slowly to their side. An elven archer in life, an enemy nightmare in death.




Initial Stats Range: 600 Movement Speed: 300 Attack 37-43 Strength 15+(1.6) Attack Speed 1.7→ Agility 22+(3.0) Armor 2.08 Intelligence 16+(1.6)


Skill Introduction Strafing initiative skill. Klinkerz attacked with a barrage of fire. Increased attack speed by 130% in a short amount of time. Magic Cost: 90 Level 1 - Cooldown 45 seconds for 4 seconds. Level 2 - Cooldown 40 seconds for 6 seconds. Level 3 - Cooldown 35 seconds for 8 seconds. Level 4 - Cooldown 30 seconds for 10 seconds. Searing Arrow switch skill. Make Klinkerz's arrows flame, deal more damage, and can be cast against magic free units. Burning Arrow is no longer an attack effect. Casting distance: 600. Magic cost: 10. Level 1 - Increases damage by 30. Level 2 - Increases damage by 40. Level 3 - Increases damage by 50. Level 4 - Increases damage by 60. Bone hidden step initiative skill. Enables Klinkerz to move, attack, or use abilities while invisible. Stealth time: 0.6 seconds. Magic Cost: 75. Cooldown time: 20 seconds. Level 1 - Duration 20 seconds, increased movement speed by 11% during stealth. Level 2 - Duration 25 seconds, increased movement speed by 22% during stealth. Level 3 - Duration 30 seconds, increased movement speed by 33% during stealth. Level 4 - Duration 35 seconds, increased movement speed by 44% during stealth. Death Contract active skill. Klinkerz consumes a friendly or enemy minion, increasing the health limit and damage by a certain percentage of the target's health. Spell Cost: 100 Cooldown Time: 45/40/35 seconds Cast Distance: 400 Duration: 35 seconds Level 1 - Maximum Life increases the target's current life by 50%; Damage increased by 5% of target's current life. Level 2 - Life limit increases the target's current life by 65%; Damage increased by 6.5% of target's current life. Level 3 - Life limit increases the target's current life by 80%; Damage increased by 8% of target's current life.


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The high output of the main plus rocket makes the 2 ability the main plus of the bone bow. Then the deputy stealth, strafing early point level enough, later filled.


The positioning of the little skeleton is a core +ganker. He is a late stage to press the opposite side, if the middle stage can not cause enough pressure on the other side, then the bone arch will be very weak


Go out to install eating tree must, can bring a matchmaking scroll


Mid-range core item Yes, definitely Aster, a combination of battery life, high output, silent skills, perfect for small skeletons. After version 6.82, the rocket is no longer a ball, and the bone bow can fill a dark death, and the output is very scary. Klinkerz has a strong recovery ability and single kill ability, can easily occupy the other side of the field, the brittle mage sneak attack.


Later equipment BKB is necessary, which is the guarantee of the bone arch output environment. Then butterflies, cannons, even Satan, you name it, if you have the money.