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2018-03-07 11:12:00

After writing the last part of the trip to Xixi, we will find the cheapest scenic and beautiful place to stay - Zhuangtang. The new campus of the Middle School. The campus of Middle School is located in Zhuantang Town, surrounded by green water. Zantang Town is located in the west of the province, east of the river, to the west, south of the Fuchun River, north. Zhuangtang is a super literary town, mainly because the middle courtyard is here, the literary atmosphere is very strong. Nearby are Fragrant hills, mountains...


Sneakers, bag, water umbrella.


Zhuangtang is a town, and it is very easy to go to the city or other places. You come out from Xixi Wuchang Road, walk to Tianmu Mountain Road, do not cross the road, walk a few dozen meters ahead of the bus station, there is a bus directly to turn the pond one yuan. Where to stay is very cheap, hotel accommodation 50 yuan a room, two beds, wifi everything, very clean. But don't rush for exams. "Art student exam time," when the hotels around here are sky-high. About every year from November to December to February, basic art students gather to turn the pond.


Go shopping early the next morning. The architecture is breathtaking. Now the museum on the hill seems to have been built, it must be more beautiful to go again. There is a Fragrant Hill around but there is no time to go, as well as the Song Wuxia City, further ahead is Jiuxi, want to climb the mountain, eat barbecue, it is very big air is very good, is your travel must choose. Admission is free of charge. Jiuxi opposite is the river, you can feel the momentum of the river "High tide time do not go oh, every year will be involved in the people can not find" the wave is really scary.


After seeing if there is enough time, you can play from the nearest scenic spot, Songcheng to tickets. It's fun in there, too. One that's free is Nine Streams. You can climb the mountain to eat barbecue, it is very big air is very good, also do not have tickets. You can go to the city to play, I also went to the Beijing Hangzhou University, there are 3 yuan by boat, very cheap, there are many museums on the shore, the Chinese umbrella Museum, the sword museum, the art Museum of China, there is a Gongchen bridge, where the bridge is a literary place, which is very suitable for taking literary photos, coffee shops more. Especially the umbrella museum is so beautiful.


Finally go to,, mention, broken bridge, Pinghu autumn moon, lonely mountain, walk tired can be taken by car to visit, as if 5 yuan or 10 yuan, the end is Wu Song and Sue small tombstone in that. Su Xiao Xiao Mu stele is in front of the bus station, 3 yuan directly to Hefang Street. But the last bus is about 5:30, so be sure to catch it, or you can only pay an extra 10 yuan to make a van.


Evening, the end of a good day, there are music fountains to see, starting from five or six, about half an hour once, free and stool. Walk around the circle and you'll see a lot of sculptures.


Finally, under the cover of night, you can go to the most lively Hefang Street where things are very cheap. However, buying real silk River Square street is basically fake, as if the big shopping mall next to River Square Street has real "What the locals say".

Matters needing attention

Go on a trip Last April, it's the most beautiful time. The whole city is pleasantly scented.