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Actress Big S share makeup tips to teach you how to wear age reduction beautiful makeup

2018-02-19 19:12:00

Although the star Big S is now in his thirties, he always looks young in front of us. What is the secret of this, many beautiful women are puzzled. In fact, as long as you learn to reduce age makeup, then you can also keep young and beautiful. Here to share with you the big S makeup tips, let her teach you how to make up, help you stay young and beautiful.


Beautiful pearl drop eye makeup


Light eyeshadow cream can enhance the sense of three-dimensional eyes, don't be afraid to use a large area of shiny color on the eyelid, if there is a light pearl eyeshadow to create a blurred sense. Eyeliner creates the feeling that the corners of the eyes drop, and innocent eyes attract pity.


Super white base makeup


Want your skin to look white enough? Foundation alone is not enough to lighten the face, primer ensures a long-lasting and vivid look, making it easier to apply color later. Apply a whitening primer to your face, gently smooth it with your fingertips, and then apply a whitening powder.


Small gray smoke to create eye shine


Dip a paste of grey eyeshadow into it and blend it evenly over the entire upper socket, then from the base of the lashes, up from deep to light. The extension at the corner of the eye gives the eyes a more three-dimensional sense.


Light and soft eyelashes plus


Light pink blooms between lips and teeth, revealing a woman's delicate beauty, curling eyelashes but no lack of lightness, the "fly legs" brought by bushy mascara in this makeup will not appear at all, is suitable for office workers' daily makeup.