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American overseas shopping guide

2018-03-07 19:12:00

With the development of economy and network, more and more people participate in the ranks of overseas purchasing, from buyers, sellers, to the platform, are in a process of exploration and discovery, and among them, the United States is the source of most of the overseas purchasing goods. In the end, how to buy overseas can feel at ease and worry, you can refer to the following aspects, and then combined with their own needs, to consider their own overseas purchasing methods.


Commodity purchase fee refers to the pre-tax price to be paid for the commodity. If there is a discount, the actual price shall prevail. The purchase fee of the commodity is bound to occur, and the buyer can try to buy at a discount, and pay attention to whether the seller provides the actual purchase price.


The United States is a country with a very complete consumption tax. Shopping at the counter, unless there is a special declaration, you have to pay a certain consumption tax. When shopping on a website, some websites do not have to pay, while others do have to pay a fee based on the state where they are mailed. If the delivery address is in a duty-free state, there is a good chance that the GST will be exempted. So there's a little bit of a price difference. In this way, for some higher-priced goods, you can save a lot of costs.


This article is based on experience


RMB exchange rate conversion but exchange rate changes also have greater risks for large commodities. Some buyers struggle with why the official exchange rate is not used, mainly because daigou sellers also need to pay a certain amount of processing fees to convert yuan into dollars and transfer it to dollar accounts abroad, so daigou sellers often use a slightly higher exchange rate than the official rate to calculate.


Tariff countries have relevant regulations for tariffs, as long as it meets the reasonable range of personal use, it will generally be given customs clearance. Generally speaking, customs inspection of electronic goods, cosmetics and luxury goods is relatively strict. In addition, it is also sensitive to multiple shipments of the same goods at a time. If the price of the goods you buy is high, but the quantity is not large and the volume is not large, you can ask the seller to write Gift when delivering the goods, which can play a certain role in reducing the chance of inspection.