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Backpacking is a great way to save money

2018-05-12 17:36:58

The experience of backpacking alone...


Do a good job through some well-known travel websites, pick the attractions you are interested in, and then plan the return time. I was planning to go in the summer vacation, when the travel peak, there are more people, and the ticket is not very good, so buy the ticket back and forth in advance, and save the last did not sit. And near the Northwestern Polytechnical University nearby through the online group purchase hotel accommodation. Make an appointment to confirm.


The hotel is a group purchase, close to the school is cheaper, the standard room is only 88 yuan, haha... The nearby supermarkets are convenient.


Terra-cotta Warriors is our first stop, so I bought a tour route on the eastern line, and in the evening, a special person will pick me up at the hotel gate after confirming the meeting time tomorrow morning. For the new me, this is very convenient.


The next day choose to play in the city, or choose in the group, it is really cost-effective, the city wall, the bell tower, if you go, no tickets are more than this price, there are car transfers. Rent a bike on the city wall, if it is two girls do not rent double, really not good to ride.


The third day Huashan, the scenery is very beautiful, although steep, but worth the trip. Still in the travel agency, spent more than 480, it is estimated that there is a cheaper than this, but I think it is already good, light tickets to buy themselves, it is almost 440. I chose to go up the north peak and see a lot of scenery. Although it took a lot of time to start from the early listing to Huashan, it was already two o 'clock at noon, and many people queued up to hurt them. Three hours after the mountain guide began to rush down the mountain, because the mountain is more excited, I forgot the time, so the later time is more urgent, but the physical strength can also be, so accelerated the pace, or insist on walking to the north peak mountain.


The guide urges you to determine your position, ask your companions on the road how long there is left, and make sure. Up the mountain a person two bottles of water is enough, you can bring a little food, do not increase the burden to yourself. Another person thinks there is no need to buy gloves, although the mountain is not very hot in summer.


The last day, free travel, shopping to eat, regular shopping malls to buy souvenirs, I do not buy things in scenic spots, always feel that will be pit.