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British feelunique beauty overseas shopping guide

2018-03-07 17:36:00

feelunique is the largest cosmetics retailer in Europe. Its Chinese official website was officially launched in October 2015. It has a wide range of cosmetics brands, from open shelves to ladies, and can be tracked with £40 including UK direct mail. For those who love online shopping but are afraid of trouble, feelunique Chinese website is undoubtedly one of the best choices for online beauty shopping. Moreover, in the market where fake cosmetics and skin care products are rampant, online direct mail is the guarantee of authentic products. feelunique Chinese official website has bought products of Otiri, Givenchy, EVE LOM, Eliemei, Julico, Miu Paris and other brands. Let me share with you the purchasing process of feelunique Chinese official website.


Users who need to register the site.


Place an order to pay attention to currency conversion, the current Chinese station commodity prices are displayed in sterling, settlement with RMB.

I. Account creation (Registration)

1. Click Register on the homepage of the website to enter the registration page; 2. As long as you have your own personal email, fill in the nickname and password, you can easily register a new account.

Second, choose and buy goods

1. Search product brand, keyword or product code directly in the search bar; 2. The home page has subdivided product categories to choose from; 3. You can select the initial letter of the brand and search the brand directly; 4. If you want to know the best-selling products, drop down to see the product recommendations. END

3. Add shopping cart

1. Commodity information, including the original price and the current price after discount, are shown in British pounds; 2. Most of the products will have Chinese product introduction, convenient to understand the function of the product, precautions and so on; 3. Click "BUY" to add the product directly to the shopping cart; 4. For products with colored number and other options, click on a single item to enter the details page, select the color and quantity, and add to the cart. END

4. Checkout cart & submit order

1. The shopping cart page will have detailed order information, including the name and quantity of the goods you buy, the quantity bar can change the quantity of goods, click "delete" to delete the unwanted goods; 2. The top of the shopping cart will show whether the added goods have met the conditions of £40 free shipping; 3. In the product total, you can see [total amount - discount + freight = actual payment]; 4. There are some free samples on the right side of the cart with full amount (£30 or £50), click to add to the cart, check and click the checkout button; 5. Or click "Continue Shopping" to add other items.

5. Confirm the order

1. Fill in the delivery address, the recipient's real name and; 2. Select payment method; 3. If there is a promo code, you can enter the promo code and click "Apply promo Code" to take effect. If you have received the coupon on the official website, you can click the arrow to choose to use it directly; 4. After confirming the order, click the checkout button. END

Sit and wait for the goods

1. The order is delivered by P2P TRAKAPAK service carrier + China section transfer EMS; 2. You can copy the order number in my account, order history and order details page, click "P2P TRAKAPAK" and click "Query" button to enter the official website for details; 3. You can consult Chinese customer service if you have any questions during this process. END

Matters needing attention

The price of the goods displayed on the website is British pound sterling, and it is RMB when you place an order