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Can collect books + creativity 10 learning area design let children get high marks

2018-03-08 12:48:00

Teenagers are in the age of longing for independence and recognition, and there will be many needs in life. Therefore, when designing a learning area for children at this age, it is necessary to be thoughtful, not only to have a thoughtful learning environment, but also to have enough storage space and to stimulate their creativity. Here are 10 study areas designed for teenagers with different personalities.


Recommended reason: The learning area exists in the attic, set rest, study, reading and other functions in one, the desk is placed in a position to make full use of natural light sources, help protect children's eyesight, rich library space and comfortable and soft sofa, for children to read activities provide a good condition.


Smart use of mezzanine space recommended reason: Smart use of mezzanine space, the bed is placed on the top, forming a relatively hidden space. Scatter the bookshelves on the wall, so that children can get a book to start reading "anytime, anywhere", on the bed, the sofa, the desk.


Recommended reasons for hanging bookshelves: Place hanging bookshelves on the wall to save low space, use lockers, so that children have a place to store their privacy, and hanging bookshelves can play a role in decorating the wall.


Teenagers are in the most dynamic period of their lives, the study area is decorated in a ventilated and sunny place, which helps children to have a sunny and positive attitude when talking with books, and at the same time, the independent bookshelf is also used as a partition on the space, which has the role of a similar screen, creating an "independent" learning area for children.


Locker recommended reasons: In the original no decoration of the white locker door attached to some children's favorite sports projects, one will not appear to be the design of the learning area is too monotonous, and two in line with the child's preferences, so that children in the learning also do not forget to outdoor exercise.


Carpets that look like grass are placed on the ground of the learning area, which not only creates a natural and harmonious atmosphere, making the learning environment easier for children, but also makes the learning environment more comfortable, because the carpet is softer than wood and other ground materials, which helps to improve the feeling of feet.


Recommended reason for partition: By hanging curtains and choosing the location of the bookshelf, the learning of the two children is cleverly separated, but there is not a complete partition, which helps the communication and cooperation between the children, and provides the privacy space and space for the children to think separately.


Desk recommended reasons: The design of the desk is personalized, not rigid, from the pattern on the locker, the decoration on the wall in front of the desk can be seen that such design helps to stimulate the divergent thinking of teenagers.


Chair recommendation reasons: All kinds of chairs to meet the needs of children's learning, reading, and communication with partners.


Wall recommendations: Cover the entire wall with a world map and place a globe above the locker to help foster a child's attitude toward the world.