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Decorate the study room to make home life lively

2018-03-08 14:24:00

The furniture of the study is not much lively, after all, the study focuses on a solemn and quiet atmosphere, sitting in such a study reading, of course, you will feel tired. If you consider adding a chair at home and changing your posture, you may feel more relaxed.


Study furniture is best matched with the modern study bear the functions of writing, computer operation, collection and rest, therefore, the commonly used furniture in the study is the bookcase, writing desk (computer desk), chair and so on. If it is a classical style of interior layout, the furniture of the study should be purchased as a complete set, at least the shape and color of the furniture should be consistent. However, simplicity and pragmatism are now in vogue, and the secret of this design is actually the planning of lines and geometric shapes, modular bookcases, assembled desks, computer chairs with pulleys, and a curved fishing floor lamp, which becomes the perfect configuration in the study. When purchasing, it should be noted that the chair should be moderate in height, soft and comfortable, the back, waist and hand support of the chair should have an ergonomic design, it is best to buy a swivel chair, in order to facilitate people's activity needs. The height of the desk should be moderate, so that the legs can have enough space for activity under the table.


At present, the most popular bookcase on the market is modular products. Length, width and height can be freely adjusted, a lot of this product, even the corner bookcase, the part on both sides of the wall can be purchased as needed. If the study space is large, the bookcase is placed against the wall as far as possible, so as to make the best use of space; If the space is small, you can buy a bookcase that can be used as a partition, which also has the function of an jewelry cabinet. The bookcase that can be rotated is a relatively new product, although convenient, but more space requirements, and more waste of usable area. The simplest on the market are bookshelves, where books can be placed by hanging some partitions above the desk. It should be reminded that the shelves and partitions of the bookcase can be adjusted arbitrarily, so that they can be adjusted as needed according to the size of the book or accessories.


Add a chair for a style of study furniture is generally solemn, even if the modern style of study furniture, most of the eight stable. However, designer Xu Li believes that there are a lot of leisure chairs now, which can be rotated or tilted, and can change the posture of reading books, and can also be very comfortable. She herself had purchased an outdoor arm-chair, which she placed in a corner of the living room. "May Day is not going anywhere, just here to really 'enjoy' the fun of reading."

Matters needing attention

When choosing a bookcase, we must first ensure that there is a large storage space for books. The depth of the bookcase is 30 cm, too much depth not only wastes materials and space, but also brings inconvenience to the book.


The desk light must be sufficient and as even as possible. The brightness of the table and the surrounding brightness do not form a strong contrast, it is best to use a lamp that can change the direction of light and the distance of the light source according to the need.