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Decoration supervision knowledge of several must not save money

2018-04-29 06:24:37

Switch socket to buy a good socket on the market the most fake, the average person can not distinguish the true and false, so it is recommended that the socket switch as far as possible in the well-known brand socket monopoly purchase, quality is guaranteed. The switch socket is the cause of the fire, especially during the New Year, relatives and friends have a dinner party, and the electricity consumption will definitely increase. Home population gathering, easy to cause safety accidents. This should be especially careful, the switch socket is electric, and often touched by hand, for children in the home, should pay special attention to the anti-leakage device. Cement also has a shelf life as long as the tile, you will use cement, and the quality of cement is directly related to the strength of the tile paste, most of the tile empty drum is because of the problem of cement placement, if you do not want to tile drum, fall off, experts recommend that when buying cement, carefully check the production date, carefully select high-quality brand-name cement. Try to let these small details do not affect the quality and effect of the final decoration. Large core board buy expensive each decoration, will more or less use large core board, its quality is directly related to the indoor formaldehyde content, so the purchase of large core board should be careful, as far as possible to large stores to buy high quality, high environmental protection coefficient of the board, on this must not save money. In the purchase of sanitary ware, you must not buy cheap sanitary ware for the price difference of a few hundred dollars. Cheap products in the water consumption, noise, water seal function and other performance, and brand-name products have great differences. Sanitary ware belongs to the long-term and frequent use of building materials, so the wear is also greater than other building materials, so in the building materials such as sanitary ware, should choose a more reputable brand sanitary ware. It will also be more water-efficient in the long run. Fireproof, rust-proof paint can not be less than your woodwork brush fireproof paint? Are all the nails covered with rust - proof paint? If not, the workers must have cut corners. Fire prevention, rust prevention and other processes are necessary for home safety protection, owners in the acceptance, must pay special attention to these small details.