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2018-05-12 00:01:00

I believe you must be worrying about the doomsday man-machine mode of LOL not long ago, and I will tell you my personal views, and I wish you a happy game.


The first doomsday machine to choose what hero is better, this is nothing specific, the doomsday machine is difficult in how to check 15 minutes, basically everyone adhere to 15 minutes as long as there is not too much tower basic win, how to adhere to 15 minutes this is the focus of today, because the doomsday machine side of the defense tower is invincible, we don't think about pushing the tower to hold the tower is the focus, The premise of holding the tower is that the soldier line is cleared quickly so everyone should choose those heroes who clear the line quickly.


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The second is the evil little mage, the high damage group control although the skin is a little thin, but the output attention in the back row is still very 6


The third shining girl Lax, the hand long control shield later damage is also very high clearing soldiers speed is not slow very easy to use.


The fourth violent girl Jinx, Q skill change gun form clear soldier no pressure W deceleration E skill control R skill AOE is very suitable for playing doomsday machine


The fifth Voideye, Vicz, can do a lot of damage with a long range throw and passive! Heroes are recommended (not just these five easy to use, but many heroes are not recommended)


Let's talk about what summoner skills to bring, and there should be no disagreement about these, are disciplinary teleportation. The punishment is because the Doomsday man may have wild monsters attack our defense tower (there are many large wild monsters Dragon Canyon Vanguard) and the 15-minute call of the Big Timo can also be punished, so punishment is the only choice. With the transmission is to quickly return to the line to clear the army, originally the end of the hero is powerful coupled with the wild monster to help push the tower if 5 people do not carry the transmission, then it is less than 15 minutes.