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Electric window opener linkage smoke detector optional points

2018-05-12 08:00:55

The product is a photoelectric smoke detector, which works according to the principle of sensing smoke particles. With unique structural design and light processing technology, it has the functions of dust-proof, insect-proof, anti-external light interference, etc., which ensures the stability of the product from the design. This product has a good response to visible smoke caused by slow smoldering or open combustion. It is suitable for indoor environment smoke monitoring such as residence, shopping mall, hotel and warehouse. This product is a non-coded smoke detector, with a pair of switching output contacts, you can choose to normally open or normally closed output according to actual needs. When working normally, the indicator flashes once every 9 seconds; When alarm, the indicator light is on, and the alarm output contact action makes the intelligent window open automatically. 1. Power off reset/automatic reset Optional 2. Infrared photoelectric sensor 3. Alarm output N.C/N.O Optional 4. Intelligent logic control, filter all kinds of false positives 5. Networking output /LED indicator alarm 6.SMT process manufacturing, strong stability 7. 8. Metal shield, anti-RF interference (20V/m~1GHz) Related setting parameters Model: ZF-YG053 Working voltage: DC24V Consumption current: ≤15mA Alarm indicator: Red LED sensor: infrared photoelectric sensor Working temperature: -10℃ ~ +50℃ Ambient humidity; Max. 95%RH (no condensation) Anti-RF interference: 10MHz-1GHz 20V/m Alarm output: Normally open/normally closed optional, contact capacity DC28V l00mA Reset Mode: automatic reset/power off reset Optional Coverage area: When the space height is 6m-12m, the protection area of a detector is 80m for the general protection site; When the space height is less than 6m, the protection area is 60m. The specific parameters should be based on the design specification of automatic fire alarm system GB50116-98. Trigger action: Open the window Priority: 1