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Escape from the Chamber of Secrets 13 Secret Missions Dark City Walkthrough 37 Disguised as Camilla

2018-02-19 06:24:00

Chamber of Secrets Escape 13 Secret Mission Dark City Walkthrough. Chamber of Secrets Escape 13 Secret missions Dark City disguised as Camilla Walkthrough. The last introduction, opened the door to enter Camilla's room (details refer to: Secret Room escape 13 secret mission Dark City Guide 36 to Camilla's room), the next is to find some clothes, accessories, etc., and then disguise as Camilla. Here are 13 secret missions to escape the Chamber of Secrets and how the Dark City disguised itself as Camilla. 3 Chamber of Secrets Escape 13 Secret Mission Dark City Walkthrough 36 to the Camilla Room


Chamber of Secrets Escape 13 Secret Missions (Dark City)


In Camilla's room, get the heart sign, perfume, and scissors first.


Then locate the clothing logo from Figure 1.


Then use the costume logo to get the costume and socks.


When you're done, go back to Camilla's mother and use scissors to get the hair and a heart sign to get the statue.


When you're done, go to the balcony and pour the wine into the bottle.


Then fill the bottle with perfume.


After filling the perfume, use it to attract bees and get a figurine of a small man.


And just poured the wine, and at the other end of the road you can get a little man statue.


Then use the three little figures to get the headdress.


After getting the headpiece, you can use a needle and thread to combine socks, hair and headpiece to get a wig. Notice here you sew the socks first, then the hair, then the headdress.


Next, place the portrait and clothes in the position below.


When you're done, go back to where you found the costume sign, find the jacket.


Once you find the coat, you can put the coat and wig on top of the costume, and you can pretend to be Camilla.