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Fantasy maze Guide

2018-03-08 08:00:00

Fantasy West Tour mobile game fantasy maze play fantasy maze How to play? What's the operation at Fantasy City? Hope this fantasy west tour mobile fantasy maze operation guide can help you!


Fantasy maze


This information comes from experience


Birthplace selection: There are six places to choose from in Fantasy City, namely City, Jianye City, City, Daxue Mountain, Shuangjie Mountain and Huaguan Mountain. Each map has its own advantages and disadvantages, we need to combine the team configuration and their own real (hand) international (speed) situation, choose the following is the advantages and disadvantages of each birthplace: city (0/10) : more equipment and drugs, less skill books. Jianye City (0/6) : More skill books and medicines, less equipment. City (0/8) : More equipment and skill books, less medicine. Big Snow Mountain (0/8) : Can brush orange. Two Boundary Mountains (0/6) : full of adventure. Flower and Fruit Mountain (0/6) : Multiple pet eggs. Because you can get orange when you close the map, so the city, city, big snow Mountain sealing difficulty is some difficult, want to orange small partners can try their luck in the two boundary mountains and flower Mountain ~ Adventure career selection: Fantasy fantasy city gameplay adventure career a total of 4, respectively, chivalry, Xiao Wei, Fang Shi, Wu Zhu. The skills of the four classes are as follows: Rogue: Steal Fantasy Coins & Break down to get double coins Snapguard: Damage up& Resolve a duel Fang: Damage Skill Sorcerer: Healing


Introduction: The early bitter point is nothing, wretched development is the cow mystery merchant's currency is maze coins, many friends in the early stage do not pick up the box, but nothing to find the mystery merchant to open the box, the result of the maze coins are wasted. In fact, with the passing of time, the mysterious merchant will also refresh the advanced equipment ~ so it is recommended that everyone in the early stage of wretched development, do a Grantai, and try to buy the maze coins in the later stage, otherwise bad luck to the final battle, but also wearing 10 level equipment, how are some can't say ~


The backpack grid should always be clear, the throw will throw each player only 10 backpack grid, the extra equipment will not be thrown into the temporary prop bar, so the baby should often clean up, send the equipment that you can't use quickly to teammates or break it down into maze coins, to avoid being able to get their favorite equipment because the grid is full.


Everyone loved it. Therefore, Linger suggests that when you have advanced equipment to choose, start with other parts of the equipment first, and the sequence of weapons is not so high. Because weapons tend to give you away. If you're armed with a weapon that's not so visible,


If you want to say the richest NPC in the whole picture, it is not the land duke. After all, people bring their own treasures, but they only give them to the map sealer. After the Land Master refreshes, teams on this map can choose to transfer the map, or when there is only one player left on the map, the player can seal the map and transfer himself to the map. Therefore, unless you clearly know that your strength is not as good as the other team, don't be a coward, just do it! We can rearrange if we lose


The various equipment picked up often contains additional attributes such as special effects, stunts, and maze skills, and the higher the equipment level and quality, the higher the probability of obtaining these additional attributes. So we must see these additional attributes carried by the equipment, choose their most needed - of course, if the attributes of this equipment to improve your own great, then don't pick, equipment to say. Warm tips: Get the new equipment, want to replace the old equipment to manual equipment to go up if there is a problem welcome to put forward below if you like friends can vote for the author oh thank you