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Five elements of the perfect Korean wedding photo shoot

2018-03-08 09:36:00

Korean wedding photos shooting with what scene can take the perfect effect, today Xiaobian will bring you the five classic elements of shooting Korean wedding photos, Merab Xiaobian you take the perfect wedding photos, take a look.


Sometimes add some hugging shots, this time do not be stingy with your smile, although the hug is just a simple action to capture your most beautiful moments. END


Mirror is also an important element of Korean wedding photos, the choice of mirror is not limited, as long as it is simple, can not be complex design, especially when the bride is dressing up, this capturing the bride's expression to express its temperament. END


Stairs are really a good background element ah, whether it is an optional staircase or an ordinary staircase, as long as the scenery is taken well, you can take a very beautiful photo, the artistic conception is particularly good. It is recommended to choose small and delicate or direct atmospheric stairs, which can best reflect the warm feeling of the interior wedding photos. END


We often use petals to create a romantic atmosphere in ancient times, like this kind of wedding photos pay attention to the way of capturing, the photo effect is better to show the natural expression and action of the new people, it is very important to control the amount of petal rain, scattered on the new head, do not float to the face, affecting the effect of photos.




Kissing the picture can best express the sweet love of the new people, do not kiss directly when kissing oh, to the kind of feeling like a kiss is not a kiss, makeup can not be destroyed, it is important to find a good Angle to shoot.