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How do college students find part-time jobs or internships in winter and summer vacations?

2018-02-19 16:00:00

The university still has more free time, in the vacation can do part-time work or look for internship, enrich the vacation, expand their social practice experience. There are many jobs that college students can do, but they should consider part-time jobs and internships on the premise that their studies can be successfully completed. Here's how to find the right part-time or internship job through software.


One smart device equipped with software


First open the software, click the button pointed by the arrow on the interface to open more applications. On the newly opened page, drop down to find the application "Campus Work" and click to enter.


You can also search directly in the search bar, you can find the application directly, as shown below, click this shortcut to enter.


At this time, enter the campus work page, you can see a lot of content, you can find according to the need, you can see the campus recruitment, part-time and other columns, you can click to view.


Click "Find a part-time job" here, you can enter the part-time interface, you can switch to your school city, and search for the position you want, you can consult and online after finding. Also click "Find internship" to find internship opportunities.


Next introduce looking for part-time jobs in the holiday, pull down the "campus work" interface, because it is approaching the winter holiday, so there is a winter holiday red envelope activity below, click the arrow button to enter, you can find many part-time jobs in the winter holiday.


After opening, you can see many part-time jobs in the holiday, you can click on the favorite to view, open the page will have a detailed description of the job, if you are interested in trying.


If you open a position, you can see the description of the position personnel and salary, you can consult and. In this way, how to find part-time jobs and internship during the holidays?

Matters needing attention

To improve security awareness, although the platform information has a certain credibility, but also pay attention to screening.


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