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How do foreign trade salesmen prepare for exhibition

2018-05-12 04:48:40

According to the exhibition experience, to do domestic trade and foreign trade novice friends some personal suggestions and opinions.


Exhibition data products


Exhibition posters, giveaways, brochures, business cards


Exhibition selection The selection of exhibitions needs to be selected according to the product, customer distribution and market planning. The first quality products, the main product room selection of the main basis for the exhibition. Secondly, according to the distribution of our existing market, the exhibition place with a large and dense distribution of customers is also a good choice, which is conducive to the development of new customers and in-depth communication and cooperation with old customers. Moreover, considering the development of the field, most of the time the exhibition is also an effective way to enter the market.


After selecting the exhibition, exhibitors need to participate in the exhibition, exhibitors need to provide information and understand the cost details, exhibition layout planning and booth exhibition area selection.


After the selection of exhibitors need to select the appropriate exhibitors in the internal, which needs to be based on the situation of the exhibition, usually choose some of the products are particularly familiar with the market is very understanding and communication barrier-free personnel to participate. Of course, going abroad to participate in the exhibition also involves language, visa, passport, physical conditions and other links, so these factors should also be taken into account.


This article is based on experience


Sometimes some of the products ready for exhibition are large, need to be transported, this beautiful also need to consider the time cost and economic cost, can not miss the exhibition, but also consider the choice, economical, convenient and fast is the best.


Under normal circumstances, if it is a group exhibition, these exhibitions will be prepared in advance, but if it is their own independent exhibition, you need to plan other travel arrangements, book air tickets and wine and catering. A glass for a rainy day.


Understand the currency, folk customs and beliefs of each place is different, at least know their currency, know the conversion rate with the RMB, and prepare in advance. Understanding the local customs and customs also helps to communicate with customers and facilitate life during this period, so as not to make some embarrassing scenes.

Matters needing attention

Exhibition materials must be fully prepared, keep communication with customers in advance, invitation letter is very important


It is also important to get to know the other exhibitors