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How do I get insurance if I scratch my car

2018-04-06 14:24:26

The car is our common means of transportation, then the vehicle scratched how to go insurance, I believe you are very interested in this problem, the following to introduce to you, I hope to help you.


Insurance personnel


Insurance, 4S


This article is based on experience


Protect the scene of the accident, do not change the scene, so as not to destroy evidence.


Wait at the scene for the insurance personnel to come, and then take photos at the scene.


If you call the insurance officer, but the insurance officer does not come, then their own photo forensics.


Go to the place where the insurance specified the loss, and wait for the claim.


If you are too lazy to play, you can also go directly to 4S. Exempted from the on-site provisions of less than 2000 yuan, unilateral accidents.

Sum up

1. Call insurance. 2. Don't change the scene. 3. Wait for insurance personnel to take photos and evidence at the scene. 4. Insurance personnel do not come to take photos of their own forensics. 5. Go to the place designated by the insurance to assess the loss and then settle the claim. 6. You can go to 4S if you don't play, and avoid the on-site regulations of less than 2000 yuan and unilateral accidents. END

Matters needing attention

tips: It's not worthwhile to go out under 400 yuan.