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How do I get on the bus

2018-05-15 14:24:11

If you are going to take a bus or train, you need to find the appropriate station or platform before boarding and follow these steps:


1. Confirm the route: Determine the exact route, number and destination of the bus or train you are going to take.


2. Get to the station: Go to the corresponding bus stop or train station and find the corresponding boarding point.


3. Waiting for the vehicle: Wait at the designated pick-up point of the station, usually with station staff or flight attendants to provide guidance.


4. Buy tickets/swipe cards: Buy tickets or use public transport cards to swipe into the station. The card swiping method may be different in different regions and stations, please follow the local regulations.


5. Queue up to get on the bus: Wait for the vehicle to arrive in the waiting area, and queue up to get on the bus in order. If the station has a ground sign or sign indicating the boarding point, you can follow the instructions to line up.


6. Get on the bus: When the bus arrives, follow the instructions of the attendant or station staff to get on the bus, find a seat or standing position, and make sure that your luggage or parcels are neatly placed.


Please note that different public transport and station regulations may vary and the above is a general practice only. Before using public transport, it is recommended to check the relevant station and operator regulations for specific boarding steps and requirements.