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How do you look good in a double tie? - Local o2o

2018-03-08 17:36:00

Double how to tie up a cute double hairstyle, has always been a simple hairstyle that little girls can't put down. In summer, you can still enhance the coolness while having a cute feeling. Simple and cute double hairstyle method, quickly follow the teacher to learn it. This long hair style is double, the long hair on both sides is pure and playful, and the long hair on both sides and the flat fringe perfectly highlight the delicate silhouette. On the side, it is also very good-looking, cool and lovely hair tie sunshine, light hair color can highlight the girl's fair skin. This is the prototype model, a straight pear hair with fringe, it looks very elegant, bright hair color with light makeup, beautiful and beautiful, the following is the specific double hair tie method diagram tutorial, two minutes to finish. Step 1: Divide the hair evenly into two parts, pay attention to the long bangs on both sides to modify the face shape, and comb the side with a comb. Step 2. Then secure it with a rubber band. Step 3. Tie a braid and pull out a pinch. Step 4. Wrap the hair around the band. Do the same on the other side. The last step is to secure it with a small vertical hair clip. A super cute double braid, showing the sweet and playful sense of a little girl. With a straw hat, the summer sunrise street more steal the spotlight.