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How do you pair an army green jacket with a scarf

2018-05-14 14:24:40

Scarf is the winter can not be missing accessories, and the army green coat is this winter can not miss the fashion item, the combination of the two is the interpretation of the trend, then ask the hipster to teach you how to match the army green coat scarf. Now, let's learn the matching rules and be the queen of fashion explosion!


This page is an illegal climb taken from experience


The long military green coat is not only closed at the waist, but also has a drawstring design, so that the version of this coat is lantern-shaped, and the luxurious fur collar is embellished, which is more powerful. How to match the scarf is more van, the beige wool scarf will be casually wrapped around a circle, put on a long sweater, the lower body with dark blue denim pencil pants and brown high boots, charm unlimited.


Military green coat casual collocation rule, inside wear light gray long loose sweater, with gray wool scarf, foot boots, kind and pure.


Pair a basic army green jacket with black leather pants for a cool look, and add a blue fringe scarf for a chic look.


How to match an orange scarf with an army green coat, put on a colored dress inside, a red bag on the back, and the law of a contrasting color match makes your winter dress better!