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How does a woman detox to lose weight effectively

2018-04-28 09:36:42

Detoxification weight loss is a kind of weight loss concept, that is, not only to lose weight but also to beauty and detoxification under the three, in the true sense to achieve the perfect body from the inside to the table. How to detoxify weight loss is the best, the plan of the day is in the morning, it is very important to make use of the time in the morning, then, let Xiao Xiao and you to understand the modern detoxification and weight loss health tips.


Morning weigh-in


Proper diet


Aerobic exercise


Touch the fat part with your hand, it will feel cool, which is one of the reasons why fat causes low body temperature, leading to constipation. So, in order to prevent fat explosion, weigh yourself every morning.


Morning is the best time to detoxify, and wake up, the internal function to restore operation, should not eat some indigestible food, do not eat too full, the diet to keep 8 points full is almost.


If you want to improve constipation, massage acupoints to stimulate the fluid circulation of the whole body is a very convenient way, press the abdomen with your fingers, and first use a hairdryer to blow with warm air for 3 minutes, can promote metabolism!


Improve their own detoxification, rapid warming method is to do exercise, just spend a little time every day, try to do 3 different kinds of exercise to match, outdoor aerobic exercise in 10-20 minutes, climbing stairs, weight loss exercise and so on 5-10 minutes.


If you have time in the morning, it is best to take a shower, in fact, the shower in the morning is very appropriate, the towel rolled up, in the lower thigh and back and forth rub, can stimulate blood circulation, accelerate metabolism.


Job's tears tea can not only slim but also improve detoxification and constipation, but also eliminate body edema, take it with you, when drinking water after work and study, it will make you fresh and slim all day!

Matters needing attention

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