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How does the female private operation that does not go out for a long time open the lymphatic breast augmentation hips thin arms

2018-02-20 00:00:00

Many women who do not go out for a long time are worried about the fat accumulated in their belly or the increasingly thick thighs. Today, we teach women who do not go out for a long time to do private exercises, and open up the lymphatic breast enhancement hips thin arms! A good body comes out of a house!

Boobs and hips

Stand with your legs spread wider than shoulder width, straighten your whole body, raise your arms diagonally upward, relax your palms, stretch your shoulder blades upward, and extend your thorax outward. Then bend your knees forward, pay attention to the amplitude of the bend should be controlled properly, knees and toes in line and perpendicular to the ground, knees do not bend beyond the toe tips, at the same time, arms down, cross the knees, the upper body slightly forward.


Keep the upper body tilted forward and face down. Stretch your arms diagonally. At the same time, extend your right leg straight back and lift it. Pull your body upward and pull your left thigh upward. Pay attention to the amplitude of the arms and the back kick of the right leg, all three are in the same plane.


Stand up straight with your arms flat to the left and right, in line with your shoulders, palms down, fingers together. Then stand with your left leg straight to support your body, bend your right knee to the right, raise your thigh to 90 degrees from your calf, and balance your whole body.


Take a big step forward with your bent right leg. Stretch your left leg and press it forward. Sink your weight into a lunge position. Keep your upper body straight and your arms flat. Twist your upper body back from the right, drop your arms from your shoulders and move them back, with your right arm behind you and your left arm slightly bent from front to back, keeping your whole body balanced.

Lean arm pose

Stand with your legs spread shoulder-width apart, straighten your upper body, stretch your arms up, bring your palms together, point your fingers directly upward, and stimulate and pull your shoulder blades. Then spread your arms, slide down from both sides to the back of your hips, and close your palms again, turning the direction of your palms and sliding up and down about 10 times during the whole process.


Cross your arms behind you, open your palms and put them back, then switch up and down positions while swinging your wrists, such as right palm on the top and left palm on the bottom, and right palm on the bottom and left palm on the top through swinging, and go back and forth 10 times.


Stand with your legs shoulder-width apart, your upper body straight, arms flat to the left and right sides, arms straight, palms open to the outside, fingers up. Use the rotation of the shoulder blades to move the arms 10 times from front to back.


Similarly, stand with your legs open, shoulder blades pulled backward and down, arms straight and raised behind you, palms naturally open, palms to the inside, and the thorax is stretched out by stretching the arms.


Using the stimulation of the shoulder blades, swing up and down, slowly pull the back of the hand up as far as possible, hold for a while, slightly lower, pull up again, repeat 5 times.


Then keep the arms pulled up state, arms close to each other, shoulder blades further to the center of the clamp, arms in the shoulder muscles to stretch, relax and tighten repeat 5 times.


After slowly approaching your arms behind you, keep your arms straight, turn your palms from inside out, change the direction of your palms, and then rotate your wrists from the outside to return to the inward position. Repeat 5 times.