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How does Xian Meng brush Leifeng Tower in the Green snake Stone inscription

2018-05-14 19:12:44

Leifeng Tower is a large battle place for immortal alliance PVP, in this complex copy of the immortal Alliance will be fierce competition here, seize the territory, here you can not only feel the excitement and pleasure of PK duel between immortal Alliance, but also the passion of various layer BOSS to kill and seize treasures, There are even defense-oriented battles against other Immortal alliances, all of which can be experienced in Leifeng Tower. So how does Immortals paint Leifeng Tower?


1. Hurry up Green Snake 2. Join the One Immortal Alliance 3.


1. After all the personnel are sent into the tower, the copy begins, in the first 1-2 layers is the PVE layer, all immortal League players can only attack the small monsters and bosses in the tower to successfully enter the next layer, but from the third layer of the tower is the PVP copy, each immortal League in addition to defeat the small monsters and bosses in the tower, but also to find a way to deal with other immortal League people. Only those who survive to the end can push to the BOSS and become the guard of the level. As long as the guardian spirit of the current layer is not broken by other immortal alliances, you can continue to challenge the higher tower layers. Occupy the successful immortal alliance, you can also receive the corresponding daily rewards from Leifeng Tower every day.


2. Any layer of Leifeng Tower is unique to all gangs for life, that is, if Gang A passes the third layer, it cannot repeat the challenge of the third layer, unless the third layer is occupied by other gangs, then the fairy friends can defend the interests of their own gangs to launch a new impact and recapture their own territory. Leifeng Tower can not be arbitrarily occupied by jumping, that is, after the A gang successfully occupied the third floor, it can attack the fourth floor, and can not directly challenge the fourth floor. In order for many immortal friends to be able to enjoy the Lady's favor for everyone, all gangs will automatically give up the number of layers they have before owning their own territory, that is, after A gang successfully occupies 4 layers, it will unconditionally give up the ownership of 3 layers.


3. Layers 1-2 of Leifeng Tower are PK protective layers, which are opened in the form of gang copies. There are two ways to open it: First, it is opened by the gang leader; 2: Leifeng Tower can be opened at a fixed time, and the level is limited to 30. Floors 3-7 of Leifeng Tower are public PK floors, in which different gangs can carry out their own gang activities and can carry out their own gang expansion.

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