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How to avoid congestion on National Day

2018-05-14 12:48:42

We know that during the annual National Day 7-day holiday, the highway section is free of charge, so many small partners are rushing to travel this time, naturally resulting in congestion. So how to avoid congestion?


National Day


Avoid congestion


This page is an illegal climb taken from experience


In addition, the date of National Day congestion is generally 1 and 2 travel, 6 and 7 return this time period, so our manager to avoid these days choose 3 travel, so as to avoid too much congestion.


If the scenic spots are not far away, we can choose to drive on roads other than the highway, provincial roads, national roads, etc., everyone ran to the highway, and the relative traffic flow of these sections is less.


View the map in real time, now the map is very clear, where there is congestion, but also to help you choose other routes, very convenient.


If it is a relatively far scenic spot, it is recommended to do high-speed rail or plane and other means of transportation, driving yourself is more tired, and it is easy to cause congestion on the highway.

Matters needing attention

I hope it was helpful