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How to buy train tickets online

2018-05-14 11:12:30

China customer service is an important window to serve customers, will integrate the whole road passenger and cargo transport information, to provide the community and customers with passenger and cargo transport business and public information inquiry services. That's 12306. Nowadays, everyone is used to online shopping and buying tickets, which greatly saves manpower and material resources and is more convenient. 12306 software is the official ticket software, today Xiaobian to say how to buy train tickets online.



Software: 12306


First of all, we should download the 12306 software in advance and register to log in, open the 12306 software.


The second step is to choose the starting point and destination of departure, as well as choose the travel time.


For example, if you choose the travel time, you can only select the time within one month after the time.


After seeing the train number provided by the software, choose the appropriate train number that is suitable for your time.


Select a passenger, either for yourself or for others, and fill in the information


Finally, select the ticket collection method and pay.

Sum up

1. Open 12306 software, register or log in; 2. Select departure station, destination station, and ride time; 3. Check the appropriate train number and select; 4. Choose the passenger, which can be others or yourself; 5. Fill in the information to choose how to pick up the ticket or whether to buy insurance 6. Pay the order and complete the purchase.

Matters needing attention

No 12306 account should be registered with real name.


You can buy for yourself or for others. Please fill in the correct information.


You can only cancel orders three times a day.