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How to deal with color steel lap joint leakage?

2018-05-11 20:48:36

Nowadays, many owners build color steel rooms in their own houses, generally docking color steel directly on the structure, without grooving the structure, docking is only surface coverage or filled with foam, does not have elastic and tensile properties, is not suitable for structural deformation, so it is easy to leak. (In the case of no slot, directly glue or lay coil in the lap part, because the deformation of the two is not synchronized, it is bound to produce cracks, and the sealing material is easy to age and crack, and eventually lead to leakage) as shown in the following figure:


Colored steel


Sealing paste


Waterproof coating


Gridding cloth


Scrapers, brushes, hammer drill and other tools

Method/Step 1

Avoid leakage once and for all, carefully read the following three steps step 1: Remove the original sealing material of the lap part, polish the color steel surface to remove rust;


Step 2: Slot along the wall structure of the lap part with percussion drill and other tools, seal the lap joint with sealing paste, and seal the groove with plugging treasure;


The third step: paint the waterproof paint as the base, after the coating film is dry, then paint the roof high-elastic waterproof paint, the mesh cloth is attached to the lap part to enhance the treatment, the paint on the wall is not less than 500mm, for the top roof coating to the top plane, should be completely covered;


Step 4: In order to prevent the leakage of the large surface of the color steel in the later period, the color steel roof can be painted with waterproof paint. Final renderings:

Matters needing attention

Roof decoration safety first


Choose high quality paint for longer life