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How to deal with the new pure wood cutting board

2018-05-13 08:00:22

When we usually cook, we will definitely use the cutting board, many people may think that the cutting board will be cleaned every day, so it should not be too dirty, but in many cases, many people will find that the cutting board is easy to mold or crack for a long time, and it is easy to hide some stains inside the surface of the gap today to share a can make the cutting board not crack and not hair Mildew's little trick, let's see, we first pour a little white vinegar on both sides of the chopping board, and then these white vinegar on both sides to spread evenly, we all know that white vinegar itself has a bactericidal effect, so the choice of white vinegar to do the first step, is not groundless


Salt, cooking oil, brushes


First of all, clean the new pure wood cutting board, you can rinse with running water, and use a clean brush to assist brushing, brushing


After clean, you can put the board in a water basin and soak for a period of time, preferably not less than three hours.


After soaking, take it out and evenly coat both sides with a fine grain of salt, then gently rub it in with your hands


The front and back sides are evenly rubbed with salt, and finally put aside to dry, put in the place of Tongoka, and dry naturally




After drying, rub the salt off the surface until no salt grains are visible. Prepare a bowl of cooking oil and a small brush, evenly spread the cooking oil on the cutting board, it is best to spread two layers, spread some thick, and then wrap a layer of plastic


The bag, so wrapped, can be placed in one, wait for 5-6 hours to remove it.


After the oil is absorbed, the cutting board has a waterproof performance, but it should be dried regularly, and there is still a lot after cutting the vegetables


Too much water is left there to pay for the speed, remember to pour out the water after each cut, and hang or stand the cutting board, which can reduce the mold of the cutting board.


After we prepare a pot of boiling water, boiling water also has the effect of sterilization and disinfection, so be sure to use boiled water, if it is warm water, the effect will reduce the board is weak, pour these boiled water on both sides of the cutting board, give it a uniform ironing, give the cutting board in disinfection and sterilization


This page is based on experience

Matters needing attention

Remember to wash the cutting board often!!