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How to make a beer lid with C4D

2018-05-12 16:00:19

Beer lid, a metal stamping part. The shape is a cylinder with grooves around it as a clasp. Grooves are also the main building content of this model.


C4D R18


The information illegally crawled from experience


Turn a cylinder into an editable polygon and optimize all points; Select 1/8 of the cylinders in face mode and split them. Hide the original cylinder. We will adjust the structure lines on the resulting split plane.


In line mode, select all longitudinal lines to cut edges; Add 3 horizontal lines and set their offset to 40%.


Select the horizontal line as shown in the figure to cut the edge; Add 2 vertical lines, offset to 50%.


Processing non-quadrilateral structure lines; As shown in the figure, select the corresponding line to move, and use the tangent tool to add lines so that the structure line of the entire surface is all four sides. Excess edges are removed with welding tools.


Select points according to the diagram and set them as an anthology to prepare for the follow-up; Select the top for chamfering. Part of the structure line of the model has been constructed.


Array the completed model surface, convert it into editable polygon, and delete all sub-level component connection objects +. Be sure to optimize all the points.


Activate the point set, scale the xz plane in zoom mode, and adjust the pits.


The points on the top surface are deleted, the polygonal holes are closed, the basic structure lines are added, and the intersection points are chamfered, and the subdivision of the chamferes is adjusted, so that the generated structure lines are consistent with the outer circle. After removing the chamfer, the annular surface generated with the outer circle is stitched together in on-line mode to obtain the complete top surface structure. Adds a surface subdivision to the object. The model of the beer lid is complete.