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How to match jewelry for women of different ages

2018-04-05 03:12:20

Diamond jewelry can make a woman become different, beautiful, noble or elegant, but also let women intoxicated, and even dream, so not what age women should have their own jewelry, and women of different ages in the matching of jewelry, should also pay attention to the matching method.


How to match a 20-year-old girl's jewelry


How to match the jewelry of a 30-year-old cougar


How to match the jewelry of a 40-year-old lady.




How to match a 20-year-old girl's jewelry


Twenty-something is the girl's age, youth and vitality is their capital, so the front-line, romantic style jewelry is very suitable, of course, but also according to personal personality to choose.


Front type jewelry is generally unique in shape and has great personality, suitable for lively and playful girls. If the skin color is the most appropriate choice of crystal jewelry, at the same time wearing a fine line gold necklace will appear more charming, if it is wearing sapphire will appear beautiful, wearing ruby will appear vibrant, wearing jade, emerald and malachite jewelry will be more vibrant. Romantic jewelry is generally equipped with bows, petals and other romantic shapes, lines are very smooth and soft, especially suitable for moderate body, but have doll eyes charming people; Secondly, it is best to wear tight, sexy clothing, if it is decorated with large ripples of lace, and then paired with flower design earrings, and thin, with a beautiful pendant diamond necklace, it will be the most perfect match.


How to match jewelry for a 30-year-old woman


30 years old women have basically married and established a business, a high-grade dark gem jewelry natural elegance, will make you more stable. If a woman about 30 years old wears ruby, turquoise and other jewelry, its color will make a woman more beautiful and moving, if matched with natural diamond earrings, it must be more able to highlight the elegant and luxurious temperament.


If you are a natural style woman, you should dress up with simple lines and rustic jewelry; Elegant style people need to use elegant light fabric dresses to match transparent, delicate simulation jewelry, small flower arrangements of bracelets, engraved rings, etc., will make women more feminine.


How to match jewelry for a 40-year-old woman


Women to the age of 40, especially suitable for antique typical style jewelry. Women over the age of 40 seem mature and stable, so it is best to wear gold jewelry with a calm style, or gemstone jewelry with a dignified color, and it is best not to dress up too coquely, mainly it will make people feel that their age is not coordinated.


40 years old women jewelry collocation need to pay attention to, like orthodox, delicate, noble jewelry is suitable for facial correction, elegant temperament of urban women to wear. Generally close to the neck of the pearl necklace, or a penny of the size of the buckle earrings, etc., are also can be paired with antique typical, or high-grade, straight-cut clothing, so that the dress can reflect the traditional style of the family.