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How to plan and optimize an e-commerce website

2018-04-29 00:00:46

With the continuous maturity of the current market, large and small enterprises have opened up the online market, and the competition has become increasingly fierce. However, e-commerce websites have gradually increased, and customers' demands for online shopping have become more and more similar to those of offline customers. Therefore, how to plan and optimize the e-commerce website directly determines the user experience. But how to plan and optimize e-commerce websites? The customer experience is not only important for e-commerce, but it is particularly important relative to the offline: Therefore, to do a good job in e-commerce customer experience needs to be targeted to the above points to do a good job in e-commerce website optimization: first, visual experience: concise to the United States important elements of website design include: product display, page design, reliable payment methods. The vast majority of the goods are displayed in a basic way, mainly according to the preferences of the target consumer groups targeted by the website. As far as e-commerce website design is concerned, whether it is B2B, B2C or C2C mode, concise pages are always favored by users. A good product page should grasp several principles :1, the page outline is clear, the primary and secondary are clear, only need to show the user's most urgent need to understand the product information. Your website design is only valuable if it meets the needs of your users. Always show only the product you are selling. This is not to say that you can't provide a lot of information to the user, but to pay attention to the logical layout of the page elements, visual emphasis. 2, web design should also pay attention to reduce the number of customer clicks, the less the customer to reach the desired page clicks, the higher the possible return. At the same time, minimize the operation menu, which is closely related to the quality of the customer experience." In short, display products should avoid irrelevant distractions and drive the customer's purchase process. 3, the product classification is clear, and physical products are divided into different areas of the same reason, the product category division on the line should also be clear, and even better than the entity, so that customers can quickly find the product they want to buy. 4, website web design to highlight, in the limited screen space will be the audio-visual multimedia elements of organic arrangement and combination, at the same time, all images, text, including background color, distinguishing line, font, title, footnotes, should be unified style, throughout the station. In actual operation, including color, style, function, etc., need to be designed according to the characteristics of the target population of the web page. Second, "consultant" customer service specialist for an online shop, customers see the goods are a picture, but can not see the business, can not understand the strength of the shop, often produce a sense of distance and doubt, at this time, through the online communication with the customer service, the business can actually feel the service and attitude of the business through the customer service, a smile or a kind question Wait, will let the customer feel that he is not dealing with cold computer and network, but with an understanding person in communication, so that it will help the customer to give up the initial alert, so as to establish the image of the shop in the customer's mind. When a customer buys again, he will give priority to those he knows. A customer service with professional knowledge and good sales skills can help buyers choose the right goods, promote customer purchase behavior, and thus improve the transaction rate. If the network customer service is only located in the online communication with customers, then we say that this is only the first step to complete the service of customers. A customer service with professional knowledge and good communication skills can provide customers with more shopping suggestions, better answer customers' questions, give feedback to buyers' after-sales problems more quickly, and become customers' "shopping consultant". The complexity and relatively long purchasing process of e-commerce determines that the length of after-sales service is higher than that of offline. From the customer to buy good goods to complete the payment, that is, start the after-sales service process. The long wait for the goods to arrive is easy to change the customer's psychology. After the goods are sent out, each link can be notified to the customer, so that the customer can grasp the information of each link in this process, and the goods they buy can be tracked, so that the customer and the seller are closer, and the seller can feel the concern and attention of the customer. After the customer receives the goods, we should provide perfect tracking and intimate service for the customer's products. In addition to the same word-of-mouth communication as offline shopping, the evaluation that can be shown to other customers is a very important link that is different from offline shopping. There is a dedicated customer service manager, every day to inspect the shop evaluation, any negative evaluation, must be dealt with, and must be communication. As long as he will come to speak, even if the unreasonable criticism of consumers, as long as it is still recoverable customers, it must be recovered. It does not matter if there is a problem, the most important thing is the attitude and method to solve the problem after the problem, which is the most able to win the loyalty of consumers. Fourth, timely follow-up of delivery information For e-commerce merchants, the problem must have more or less left us with a very deep impression or even pain. It's easy to overlook when we're dealing with growing orders and surging sales. This is a difficult problem that most e-commerce companies cannot avoid and are difficult to solve. Few e-commerce companies can have their own distribution system, relying on a third party to complete the last and very important part of the transaction, and the problems that occur in this is difficult for us to control. This seems like a problem we can't solve, but in fact, through some indirect means, we can optimize the system reasonably. Shortening the time difference between order and delivery is the first link that can be optimized, and delivering goods in the shortest controllable time after customers place orders improves delivery efficiency. After delivery, the first time to send a message to customers to remind customers to pay attention to information, so that customers feel efficiency and care. The second is the customer service team to follow up the delivery in a timely manner, if the delivery delay, error situation in the customer to find the problem in a timely manner to communicate with the solution. Try to control the problems caused by the minimum range, will avoid customer dissatisfaction.