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How to put a lock on a credit card

2018-04-29 19:12:13

Chinese New Year approaching, the bulk of the New Year purchases make the use of credit cards more frequent, in order to facilitate transactions, more and more cardholders for the credit card password, choose to use the password for transactions, setting a password is like a lock on the credit card, how to protect the password, so as not to lead to credit card theft brush, has become a concern for many cardholders. To this end, Guangfa Bank provides several suggestions for cardholders.


Avoid the use of identity data as a password, many cardholders in order to memory convenience, like to use their own or loved ones identity information as a password, birthday date, ID card, house number, license plate and other certificate numbers. However, because personally identifiable information is used repeatedly in many places, it may lead to a decrease in privacy. Therefore, you should avoid using identity data as a password to prevent it from being deciphered by others.


One card has multiple passwords. According to the classification of the password of the credit card, taking the Guangfa card as an example, the password includes the withdrawal password, the service password, the online banking login password, the online payment password, etc., and different passwords are set respectively to ensure the security of the password information to a greater extent.


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