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How to raise a child to be a self-reflective person

2018-03-08 11:12:00

Children's growth process will inevitably encounter a variety of problems, will make a variety of mistakes, if they know they have done something wrong will feel ashamed, but different children understand the problem to different degrees, the key is how to inspire their self-esteem, shame, so that they reflect, determined to correct. Children who reflect on themselves can reflect on their own words and deeds, and such children can experience the feelings of others. Whether children have the ability to self-reflect is directly related to the guidance and education of parents and elders.


First, not pointing out the child's mistakes directly. When the child does something wrong, the parents do not blindly give a reprimand, may cause the child's disgust, make it resistant to the parents, resulting in the development of their internal intelligence is limited, at this time, the parents can guide the child from the side to self-reflection, aware of their mistakes.


Second, tell your child to consider the consequences of everything. Many children are often more impulsive, do not consider the consequences when doing things, and because the child's experience and experience is insufficient, consider things incomplete, many times often do not know what kind of consequences will occur to do a certain thing, even if there is an adult reminder will be careless. At such times, parents need to properly guide their children, let their children deliberately try in the wrong way, and when the result is unexpected, the boy will realize the importance of self-opposition.


Third, let children learn to bear the consequences of mistakes. Many times, when the child makes a mistake, many parents often bear the consequences for the child, doing so will make the child lack of responsibility, feel that it does not matter, is not conducive to cultivate the child's ability to self-reflection, causing them to make similar mistakes in the future. Parents should let their children bear the consequences of their own mistakes, so that children understand that they are responsible for their mistakes, so that they can avoid the serious consequences caused by mistakes.


Fourth, to stimulate the boy's sense of shame and guilt. Usually when communicating, parents can instill positive energy such as integrity, kindness and bravery to their children, shape a beautiful mind, and also benefit their children. Guilt, guilt, can let the child's memory still deep, remember the lesson. In this way, through continuous self-reflection, the child will gradually improve judgment and learn to distinguish between good and bad, right and wrong, right and wrong, and beauty and ugliness.


In short, when the child makes a mistake or is disobedient, the parents can directly point out the mistake, promote the child to self-reflection, stimulate his sense of shame and inner sense, so as to correct the mistake.

Matters needing attention

Do not make mistakes after the child's parents to bear the mistake, to find reasons for the child to excuse


Supervise children to correct their mistakes