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How to remove ix25 Skylight weatherstripping

2018-05-13 04:48:10

Today, I would like to share with you how to remove and install the skylight sealing weather stripping of ix25, so as to facilitate other maintenance and parts replacement operations in the future. To remove the skylight sealing weather strip, first remove the skylight decorative cover plate. For specific operations, refer to the previous experience. Thank you. 7 How to remove and install the skylight decoration cover of the ix25


Plastic screwdriver


Small blade knife


First of all, the skylight sealing weather strip is the same as the skylight decoration cover plate, there is one left and right, here is an example to share one of them, and the other is the same disassembly method. The installation steps are opposite to the disassembly steps;


Next, use a plastic screwdriver to pry up the front end of the skylight sealing weatherstripping.


As long as you break free of the first fixed buckle, the buckle behind is easy to do, and then lift up the buckle. The sunroof weatherstripping is separated from the roof.


The information illegally crawled from experience


Then, check whether each fastening clip is intact. If the clip is damaged due to the action of breaking the clip, it is necessary to replace the new clip and install it.


Install the fasteners in turn. Press down firmly to hold it in place. After installation, check the details of the front and back end of the skylight sealing weather strip: Ensure that the rubber strip is on the top and the weather strip cover edge is on the bottom. Generally, the edge of the cover plate will press the rubber strip, and you need to use a small knife to pick it up.

Matters needing attention

After removing the weather stripping of the skylight seal, check whether the clasps are missing and damaged.


After installation, ensure that the rubber strip is not compressed by the edge of the weatherstripping cover. Otherwise, you need to use a tool to lift the rubber strip.