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How to strengthen the cooperation between school and community

2018-05-15 09:36:39

How to strengthen the cooperation between school and community


The first is to build a curriculum system based on market and enterprise. New York's colleges and universities are actively building curriculums that are adaptable to the market and entrepreneurial. In 2009, New York University's Polytechnic Institute launched the Innovation and Technology Forum, which focuses on invention and entrepreneurship and encourages students to think creatively in math, science and engineering. The forum has become a required course for all New York University freshmen because the university believes it enables students to understand the real world and apply their knowledge in creative ways.


The second is to reward entrepreneurial activities or enterprise cooperation. Colleges and universities in New York actively reward school-enterprise partnerships. The Rensselaer Polytechnic University (RPI) William Hall Glaser College's Entrepreneur of the Year Award recognizes outstanding entrepreneurs anywhere in the world. Many New York colleges and universities have similar incentive programs and programs.


Third, establish summits or forums. Colleges and universities in New York focus on promoting school-enterprise cooperation through the creation of summits and forums. In September 2009, Stony Brook University of New York's New York State for Advancing Medical Biological Technologies hosted the Life Sciences Summit on Long Island, New York, a good example of collaboration between universities and between universities and business. The two-day summit was attended by approximately 500 biopharmaceutical leaders, innovators, ceos, scientists and investors. The summit includes presentations of current faculty research, funding seminars and one-to-one collaboration opportunities.