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How to tie a belt to look small waist

2018-02-20 12:48:00

In the European and American movies, the aristocratic women of the last century were dressed in a large tulle skirt, wearing a lace hat, and taking a small parasol, which showed the noble temperament. No matter how big the bottom of their shaggy skirts, the waist is always thin, thanks to the seemingly insignificant belt around the waist. Nowadays, girls' dresses also love to tie a belt around the waist, in order to make the figure more curved, but the belt is not good, it will look like a tiger, so how to tie a belt, in order to appear thinner waist?




Tie method


Belt choose a small body good people, choose what belt is good. But fat people will choose a thin belt, the thinner the belt, tied around your waist more exquisite feeling. If you are overweight, look for long, thin belts when looking for belts.


Some belts are very thin, but a strong eye treatment is done at the waist buckle, the waist buckle is very big, and the back belt is not a specification, thin people can control, fat people can not, fat people want to choose the same thin style of belt buckle and belt.


Don't tie your crotch it's next to your waist, but it's also the widest part of your body. Tying your belt around your hip will make your waist wider. Tie your belt around the thinnest part of your waist. Look in the mirror for the thinnest part.


We all know that light clothes make you fat, and fat people should wear dark clothes. The same goes for belts, which should also be dark colored. Light colors are too eye-catching and make people look at your waist. Get a dark belt, and visually tie it around your waist.


Belt diagonal wear do not need to be too formal lifting of the belt, you can tie the belt diagonally, the effect is high on one side and low on the other. If the belt is very long, and there is a long part that falls down, let the extra part fall down naturally, and the vertical Angle of view will also pull the proportion of adults, showing a tall and slender waist.


Skirt hem to big tight skirts and trousers can also wear a belt, but the effect is the most beautiful, or wear a Peng peng skirt to wear a belt. In life, we have few opportunities to wear a puffy skirt, but we can choose to have a big bottom, like a pleated skirt, the width of the skirt is more than the waist, and this proportion of the belt is the most thin waist.