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Hummer structure injection adhesive use precautions

2018-04-29 20:48:23

Hummer structure injection adhesive use precautions


1. This product has a slight odor and is non-toxic after adhesive curing;


2. The construction personnel of this product shall take necessary safety measures (such as masks, eye protection, gloves) and pay attention to ventilation on site; If accidentally stick to the skin and clothes, should immediately scrub and clean with acetone; If ingested or spilled into eyes, seek medical attention immediately.


3. The surface of the concrete paste and the surface of the steel plate should be treated in advance before gluing.


Hummer is the first choice. Hummer structure injection glue is not only a model of Grade I glue, but also non-toxic, environmentally friendly, low cost, with unparalleled advantages of similar products, bringing you the most satisfactory experience. At the same time, Hummer has been paying close attention to the development of the reinforcement industry and escorting the safety of Chinese buildings with high-quality reinforcement products.