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Idle makeup perfume guide

2018-02-19 14:24:00

Winter heel is easy to dry teaching crack, idle face cloth can care for the foot skin, at night before going to bed apply a layer of moisturizing face box. Wrap your feet in plastic wrap or wear cotton socks to sleep. The skin of the heel will be well moisturized.


Blue lips also help. Bad lips. Use it on your elbows, heels, etc. It's perfect for smoothing out the dry cream on your heels. The moisture is very strong.


Let the dried mascara "come back to life". If the mascara is a thousand. Put two drops of perfume in the bottle. Then shake well and you're ready to use again! But. If you are a sensitive MM eye. It's best to use warm water instead of perfume.


Used as an apricot cleaner. Because the perfume contains alcohol, use a small, clean towel to drizzle on the perfume. Then clean the mirror or lamp leather. The cleaning effect is good, and it will leave a light aroma after wiping.


Remove glue marks. Spray perfume onto a cotton pad to wipe off any tape marks.


Harmonize skin tone. Buy a powder that you feel is too white and does not suit your skin tone. In fact, you can apply it to the forehead, the bridge of the nose, the chin, and the tilt of the bone to act as a highlighter. Gives the face more dimension. You can put it on your neck. To adjust the color difference of the neck and face.


It's used as a depressant. Use a small cloth bag to fill the spare dry powder, put in the closet or shoes. Can remove moisture. If you spill water, oil, or juice on the carpet, you can use this loose powder to absorb it before treating it. Easy and convenient.