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Installation procedure for moving a template

2018-04-29 12:48:45

Installation procedure for moving a template


Mobile formwork installation includes pier side bracket installation and supporting trolley installation. Main beam installation and front and rear guide beams and formwork installation.


Pier side bracket installation. First install the lengthened support column and the long column spiral support rod, and then install the bracket and adjust the bracket effectively. For the fine rolled thread steel bar, tension measures must be implemented, and pre-stress is applied to the remaining threads during the tensioning process to ensure the tightness of the bracket and the beam pier and the uniformity of the force of the steel bar.


Support trolley installation. After the lifting support trolley is installed on the support rail beside the pier, the transverse oil cylinder and oil are effectively connected, and then the installation of the support bracket beside the pier and the backhook baffle of the support trolley is completed, and the operation status of the support trolley is detected, and the corresponding detection of the movement and operation of the trolley is completed.


The main beam and the front and rear guide beams are installed. The ground assembly shall be carried out according to the project progress. During the assembly, all reinforced box girders shall be adjusted according to the project requirements to ensure that the arch is 50m and prevent improper bending


The main beam must follow the direction of the bridge and be longitudinally parallel to the bridge, and then tighten the bolt of the beam box, and complete the movement of the support trolley by two lifting cranes. At the same time, it can also detect whether the main beam movement exists. Obstacles.


The front and rear guide beams shall be assembled on the ground according to the actual construction conditions of the project. After the assembly is completed, the main beams and guide beams shall be connected by M30 bolts according to the tightening torque of 950N-m. Install the template. When installing the bottom die, the screw jack should be properly installed and its reasonable extension should be ensured so that it can be extended freely.


Connect the two beams, and make the crane always in the middle of the steel box girder, and all the beams are in the main beam, and the specific installation takes the order from inside to outside. When installing the main beam and the barrel beam, the tightening torque of M30 spiral and 750N-m should be used, and the same type of spiral should be used when connecting the two sides of the beam. The bottom die must be installed at the same time as the main beam and then installed in a segmented pattern. The installation of the inner mold should be completed after the binding of the bottom template, set up the web first, then set up the inner mold support plate, and finally set up the top template. When installing the end die, tie the steel bar first, install the floor end die at the same time, and then install the formal roof end die.