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Internal combustion rail sawing machine specifications

2018-05-13 00:00:09

Gasoline-powered, no external power source required, saw blade efficient and durable, low cost, local operation is easy to understand, is a practical and powerful maintenance equipment.


This machine has advanced design and novel structure. The spindle displacement Angle is large, the utilization rate of the grinding wheel blade is more than 90%, the clamping is convenient, the operation is simple, and the construction is safe and reliable.


The cutting speed is fast and the sawing surface is not burned. This machine uses gasoline engine as power source. Suitable for no power supply, the machine can be implemented on the ground and rail.


1. When operating, first check whether the gasoline engine has oil. 2. Then start the gasoline engine, first preheat, and put the machine clamp on the track when the idle speed is stable. Then tighten the top wire.


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Internal combustion engine power: 4.8kw 2, cutting line speed: Vmax=63m/s 3, grinding wheel diameter: Φ400×Φ32×4 4, section accuracy: a) vertical tolerance: ≤0.5mm b) flatness tolerance: ≤0.35mm c) The cutting surface is smooth and smooth, no blue 5, the host adopts aluminum alloy, the fixture adopts alloy structure steel 6, the weight of the whole machine is 41KG

Matters needing attention

The machine is easy to maintain, regular tightening screws, check the oil regularly. Store in a well-ventilated place to prevent rust.


The wearing parts should be replaced in time to prevent injury to the machine (operator). Gasoline engine maintenance to check the gasoline engine manual in detail.