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Lingyin Temple incense burning strategy

2018-02-20 09:36:00

Lingyin Temple, also known as Yunlin Temple, is located in the province and city, back to the North peak, facing the Feilai peak, was built in the first year of Xianhe in the Eastern Jin Dynasty (326), covering an area of about 87,000 square meters, Lingyin Temple is mainly composed of Tianwang Hall, Daxiongbao Hall, medicine teacher Hall, Fa Hall, Huayan Hall as the central axis, attached to both sides of the five hundred araohan Hall, Ji Gong Hall, Huayan Pavilion, Great Huei Building, abbot building and other buildings. The current abbot is Master Guangquan


Sincere and fragrant


Go to Lingyin Temple to burn incense and worship Buddha, want to be sincere, heart want you to ask for things, heart sincere incense kneeling, the other is secondary; Incense burning is divided into high incense, preservation incense, votive incense and votive incense;


Gao Xiang: It refers to the specific thing you ask for, which is to fulfill the vow; Bao Xiang: It is bao, rich and so on, you can not return the wish; This is all according to their own desire to choose incense;


You can bow down to all the halls, or you can choose the hall you want to go to in advance;

Matters needing attention

Kneeling: standing up with both legs is "kneeling", placing the hip on the foot root is "sitting", and bending down is "worship";


Try not to wear anything too fancy