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Ma Xinfu: Seven tips for investing

2018-05-14 16:00:26

Tip # 1: Greed is useless. The gold market and the stock market are completely different, the operation should be safe, and the operation should be short and fast. The profit of the gold market mainly stems from the economic fluctuations of various countries, generally there is not much economic turmoil, the gold market will not produce huge changes, slightly off the track, various national institutions, world organizations will significantly intervene. Therefore, there is 1-2% profit, investors or quick exit is appropriate. Tip two: Sell high and buy low. Look for close trade relations, sell high and buy low to make money. The two countries with close trade relations have a tacit understanding to maintain a stable linkage of precious metals. When a precious metal falls below the most common price, large-scale purchase, within half a year, the income will be abundant. Tip 3: Speed and order. There are different rules for trading different kinds of precious metals. Sensitive precious metals have a large profit space, but it is also easy to fall quickly, and the weather will change greatly when the wind and grass move, so the operation should buy and sell quickly, and it is not easy to stay in danger. And some non-sensitive precious metals, like these precious metals, no earth-shattering situation can easily not exceed 250 points of volatility, beyond the rebound, at home to buy an application to draw a picture of the trend, trading decisions at a glance. Tip 4: Get your period every month. The so-called period, is probably the speculator can take a week off every month, waiting for the monthly revelation of the new month. According to regulations, every new month from Monday to Friday, countries, especially Europe or the United States will release a lot of important macro data and news, so that the gold market will fluctuate, willing to understand these news can be said to be God's revelation for small speculators. Before, you must not rush into the market, otherwise the loss of the wife also have no way. Tip 5: Stock market linkage. A piece of clothing can not be worn by two people, the money in the hands of speculators is so some, a throw into the stock market tray, naturally need to withdraw funds from the gold market, capital coat, the gold market will inevitably fall back. Therefore, we only need to be familiar with the precious metal investment tendency of gold people in various countries, and can make a steady profit. Tip # 6: Book learners win. The stock market is not as good as the market, but the gold market is in good shape. Mostly because the foreign exchange market is related to the livelihood of a country, the interests of all countries. Therefore, in order to distinguish the situation and grasp the overall situation, the operator must chew more books on finance, economy, world trade and international relations, and not stop to become a bookworm, so as to ride the battlefield. Tip 7: Sing my song solo. Speculation gold for money can accumulate wealth, make more money, don't borrow money to speculate, otherwise it can be easy to be set, solo my song is definitely a small speculator faithful caution.