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Recommended weekly nutritional recipes for expectant mothers

2018-02-20 06:24:00

Are pregnant women also struggling to eat for the week? How can we eat healthily and nutritionally rich? What are the recommended light recipes during pregnancy? As we all know, the diet during pregnancy should be light, however, too light will make pregnant women feel tasteless, thus losing appetite. Take a look at my weekly recipes and five light recipes for pregnant women that are both healthy and delicious. With this weekly nutrition recipe, the expectant mother can have a planned diet and nutrition for a week, and can happily increase nutrition every day and spend a healthy pregnancy life. Monday breakfast: 1 steamed bun, 1 bowl of shredded mushroom and chicken congee, scrambled eggs with tomatoes, 1 banana. Chinese food: 2 small bowls of rice, red and white tofu, crucian carp soup with bamboo shoots, 1 kiwi fruit. Dinner: 1 small flower roll, roasted eggplant, shredded radish meatball soup, 1 apple. Tuesday breakfast: 1 bowl of rice porridge with milk, braised beef brisket with carrots, refreshing Chinese cabbage, and 1 apple. Chinese food: 2 small bowls of rice, steamed prawns, shredded pork and mustard soup, 1 banana. Dinner: 2 small flower rolls, 1 bowl of cornmeal porridge, tofu stewed radish kelp, 1 orange. Wednesday breakfast: 1 bowl of eggs, stir-fried kale with lean meat, shredded kelp, 1 dragon fruit. Chinese food: 1 piece of corn flour cake, fried white gourd with sea rice, fried cabbage with sausage, 1 pear. Dinner: 2 small bowls of rice, celery mixed with dried sesame, sweet and sour carp, grapes 1 bunch. Thursday breakfast: 1 bowl of porridge, 1 steamed bun, mixed bamboo shoots. Chinese food: 1 bowl of red bean and rice, stewed tofu with mushrooms, soft fried chicken slices. Dinner: 1 fried pancake with oil and salt, spareribs stewed with kelp, white fungus fish ball soup, 1 pear. Friday breakfast: 1 bowl of peanut porridge with peach seeds, 1 pancake, 1 boiled egg. Chinese food: 1 bowl of rice, stir-fried cowpea with shredded meat, braised mushroom, cabbage soup with vermicelli. Dinner: 2 sugar triangle, mixed cucumber strips, two-color cauliflower, 1 apple. Saturday breakfast: seaweed and spinach porridge, steamed bun 1, oyster sauce lettuce, fruit salad. Chinese food: 2 small bowls of red beans and rice, tofu mixed with shrimp skin, Kung pao squid rolls, 1 orange. Dinner: 1 bowl of Chinese wolfberry brown sugar millet porridge, 2 small flower rolls, 1 cold bitter melon, kiwi fruit. Sunday breakfast: sweet potato congee, 1 onion pancake, stir-fried spinach with eggs, spiced beef, 1 cup orange juice. Chinese Food: Rice 2 small bowls, fried yam, dry fried small yellow croaker, seasonal fruit. Dinner: Chicken soup wonton, chicken stir-fried cubes, 1 cup milk.