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Self-help tour guide

2018-03-08 06:24:00

Today Xiaobian and you to share the self-help tour guide experience, I hope to help you.




The natural landscape of Huaguo Mountain presents the magnificent scenery of mountain and sea, and the sharp and open echo and contrast. More with the "Journey to the West" story related to the birthplace of Sun Wukong Wa stone, living in the water curtain cave, devil 72 holes, Tang monk cliff, pig Bajie, sand monk stone, Laojun Hall, Xianren Bridge, south, Tang monk family monument, according to the sea pavilion, slouch stone, beauty pine, one line, bridge, and so on, God shape vivid and lifelike. The peak of Jade Female Peak is the highest mountain in the province. Special tips: The monkeys in Huaguo Mountain are very strong, and the food must be hidden in the bag so that they do not see it, otherwise they will come and rob it.


The island is located in the north. Also known as eagle swim mountain, the floating sea around the mountain, flocks of birds flying, chirping and noisy, and thus chirping and chirping mountain. The island is about 5.5 kilometers long from east to west, 1.5 kilometers wide from north to south, and 5.6 square kilometers in area, making it the largest island in the province. The famous scenic spot in the area, Liandao Beach, is the largest natural quality beach in the province. The island mountain twists and turns, the peak Lianling Chung, green trees, like a beautiful sea screen. Its east is east Lian Island, hundreds of fishing households, hidden in the green color of the mountain dock; Its west for the west island, there are several fishing villages, surrounded by mountains, overlapping and living. There are ferries in the south central part of the island.


The natural landscape of Yuwan scenic area is strange and beautiful, composed of waterfalls, cliffs and strange rocks, especially the four seasons of waterfalls, the legendary three dragons playing in the water, the old, two, three and the dragon king three prince sleeping dragon bed and other scenic spots, giving people the feeling of entering fairyland. The old waterfall drops more than 40 meters, and visitors can reach here. Cascading waterfalls and sputtering pearls. The Zanglong Cave halfway up the mountain is a veritable water curtain cave, with jagged rocks surrounding the cave door and the water curtain hanging upside down. The cave court can accommodate more than 20 people. Overlooking from the nearby "Rainbow Viewing platform", you can also see the huge rainbow reflected by the old waterfall, and the scenery is very spectacular.


Great amusement Park is a high-quality natural bathing beach, which is located in the middle of the island, formerly known as big. The length of the beach is about 1800 meters, the average width is about 150 meters, and the area is about 180,000 square meters, which is the largest beach in the province. The beach has fine sand, clean sea water and moderate water temperature, and it is also one of the few healthy bathing beaches in East China. The whole bath is divided into five functional service areas: The shallow sea is the sea swimming area, and beyond the shallow sea is the sea sports and entertainment area. The east side of the bath is the leisure and entertainment area, the west side is the public service area, and the middle is the beach service area. It is a modern entertainment place integrating leisure and entertainment.


Water Curtain Cave, located in Huaguo Mountain, is famous overseas for Journey to the West. Wu Chengen was inspired by this water curtain cave. In Journey to the West, the Monkey King in his early days was provided with a place of activity with strong mythological color. Therefore, there are many water curtain caves in various places, but they were all named after the popularity of Journey to the West, and only here was there before the popularity of Journey to the West.

Matters needing attention

Pay attention to personal safety and property safety when traveling.