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Single antivirus - LAN antivirus software - offline antivirus parents are blessed

2018-05-15 03:12:07

For a single bare machine that is not connected to the internet computer, local area network computer, if you want to antivirus, it is really troubled for a long time. Recently has been experimenting, constantly to try a variety of anti-virus software, now write out their own real experience, share to the majority of netizens. We all know that in order to use anti-virus software, then the anti-virus software you download must first have a virus library, and to ensure the number of newer virus libraries, otherwise it will be useless. After a long time of searching and testing, we found that two anti-virus software can meet our needs. 1, antivirus software can solve the needs of single machine and LAN antivirus: Open the home page of antivirus software: There is an "offline installation package" at the bottom of the free download, the size of 195M, we see clearly, the light to download an anti-virus software less than 2M, needless to say, the so-called offline installation package is the version number before the release of the anti-virus software, of course, the virus library is the latest. Click download - install - run and so on steps, the rest of the small series is no longer wordier. 2, after several practices,360 antivirus can also solve the application needs of offline antivirus, stand-alone antivirus and LAN antivirus: open 360 antivirus download: click download - install - run and so on steps, the rest of the small series is no longer repetitive. Finally, the so-called local virus library, offline antivirus package or offline upgrade package is to support our stand-alone antivirus offline antivirus purpose. We can regularly go to these two websites to download offline upgrade packages, or a new installation package can be used for single antivirus, because it is a single machine, so you can prepare a U disk in advance to put it in, and then install the target machine to detect and kill the virus.