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Slimming exercises for arms and shoulders

2018-02-19 20:48:00

Some friends are not very fat, but the arm is very thick, a lot of fat, so you need to lose weight on the arm, those who are fatter need to lose weight on the arm, although many friends hate exercise, but in order to lose weight or have to do exercise to really healthy weight loss, exercise is a kind of physical strength and skills by a set of rules or habits restricted activities


Triangle push-up position: Move your hands in so that your thumb and index finger form a triangle. Then, do a full pushup once. If it feels too difficult, bend your knees slightly and repeat 12 times


Arms flexor posture on the bench: sit at the front of the chair, put your hands on the edge of the chair, ten fingers forward, legs straight, heel on the ground up the toes, with the arms to support the body away from the bench, bend the elbow, the body down until the upper arm is almost parallel to the ground, maintain the hip and shoulder vertical, and then the hands to support the body back to the starting position, so count once, repeat 12 times


Classic reverse pose: Stand with your feet front and back, right foot in front, left heel off the ground, arms at your sides, holding a dumbbell in each hand, bending your elbow to lift the dumbbell to the chest position, then bend your right leg knee, lean forward slightly, maintain this position, straighten your arms back, stay for 1 time, lower your arms back to the ready position, complete 1 movement, repeat 12 times, switch legs halfway


Arch bridge position: Lie face up, bend your knees, hold a dumbbell in each hand, lift your hips so that your shoulders and knees are in line, and push the dumbbells with your arms above your chest, arms falling to your sides, but keeping them on the ground, push your arms up again, and drop your hips back to the ground to complete 1 movement, repeat 12 times


N-shaped press position: First squat, hold a dumbbell in each hand elbow on the knee, raise the forearms, keep parallel to the ground, then lift the dumbbell toward the chest direction, stand straight, raise the arms above the head, and then return to the starting position, count once, repeat 12 times


Windmill position: Feet apart, wider than crotch width, left foot out, right hand holding dumbbell. Relax the left knee, lean down to the left with the hip as the axis, touch the toes with the left hand and raise the right arm, maintain this position, raise the eyes on the right arm to look at the dumbbell, return to the ready position, complete 1 movement, repeat 12 times, switch sides, repeat the complete movement


Arms raised pose: stand with feet apart, hip-width, hold a dumbbell in each hand on both sides of the body, raise the left arm forward, dumbbell perpendicular to the ground, at the same time, raise the right arm to the side, dumbbell parallel to the ground, keep arms at shoulder height, resume the preparation position, do once each arm to complete an action, repeat 12 times