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Take stock of short hairstyles for men with long faces

2018-03-08 19:12:00

Many boys think that long face is not suitable for short hair, in fact, short hair long face boys can also be very refreshing, very personalized, there are several suitable for long face boys short hair pictures, let's go to pick it! 1, elegant fashion wine red short hair personality trend bouffant short hair, wine red hair highlights elegant fashion, coupled with a large frame, rational breath, suitable for long face boys. 2, concise fashion diagonal bangs short hair Concise fashion diagonal bangs short hair, both sides of the temples are trimmed very clean, can decorate the outline of the long face of boys, thereby bringing small face, face effect, with a casual plaid shirt, very. 3, handsome fluffy short hair if your face is very long, chin is also very sharp, then this oblique bangs fluffy boys short hair is definitely suitable for you, circular thick oblique bangs balance the width of the forehead and chin, with a large eyeglass frame, you can make the long face shorter oh! 4, sunshine personality short hair style short broken Liu Guang personality, casual texture hot and low-key hair color adds a touch of popular fashion improvement, looks very energetic. 5, confident handsome short hair style super short bangs are confident and chic, showing the mature masculine personality of boys, so that the forehead is full, and exudes a sense of hippie. Above is suitable for long face boys short hair, come to choose it.