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The main attractions are those

2018-02-19 11:12:00

The starting point of the climb is Dai Temple, the middle point is the middle, the end of the south. Today, according to the map below (climbing roadmap) to introduce several major attractions, the red mark below is very clear, take a look to know.


The Dai Temple. Dai Temple is a place where emperors came to meditate temporarily, and the architectural style is built in accordance with the proportion of the imperial palace. Dai Temple culture is very deep, there are emperors worship when the sacrificial vessels and crafts. Among them, Liang Yugui, agarwood lion and yellow glaze blue and white gourd bottle are three treasures. Ancient tree "Han Bai", as well as hundreds of inscriptions let you shock, if you want to deeply understand the cultural heritage of Dai Temple, find a guide to introduce you, in addition to 30 yuan tickets, a guide about 50 yuan.


The Red Door. Come out from the north gate of Dai Temple and walk north, after two traffic lights is the red gate. This place has a temple to burn incense and worship Buddha, if you understand deeply, there are merchants meeting places, stage, Guandi Temple and so on. Red Gate Road (steps) On the left is Red Gate Palace and on the right is Maitreya Won. The Red Gate Palace mainly worships Bixia Yuan Jun, send birth empress, eye grandma, etc.; Maitreya Won, where emperors changed clothes, was destroyed in 1966 and is now closed to the public. Red gate southeast side of the queen mother pool, called "Yao pool" in ancient times, the temple is on duty, worship the queen mother, in nine days, Taiyin Niang, etc., ticket price 5 yuan a person.


Medium. In the middle is the place to rest and sit on the ropeway, halfway tired can have a rest here, or take the ropeway up the mountain. There are not many attractions here, mainly Black Tiger Temple, here you know the allusion to understand. Tourists who have time can also stay here more time, the east can see the sunrise and sunset, the west can see the full view of the ridge.


Sun, moon peak viewing. This is the place to climb must see, the moon view peak in ancient times can see the country, so it is also called the more view peak, you can watch the good night scene at night, when the weather is good, you can also see the night scene. Mainly said that the peak, as long as the visitors are to watch the sunrise, the kind of cloud sea towering beauty can only be experienced in person. But the sunrise also depends on your luck, when the weather is good, you can see the sunrise, the weather is bad, you can only see the sea of clouds, and to choose a good time, generally at five or six o 'clock in the morning, it is recommended to climb the mountain at 1 am in the evening, if you have money to live in the mountain hotel in advance.


Blue cloud temple, Jade Emperor roof. These two scenic spots you discretionary, blue Xianxia temple is blue xia yuan Jun temple, if you believe this, go in to pay a visit, tourism two is very clear. Jade Emperor Ding is the highest point, some people who are promoted to become rich have taboos, folk also have such a saying ---- On the Jade Emperor ding will reach the top, the end, you can not reach this place, by your own decision.


There are many other scenic spots on the road, if you have time, or walk through the viewing, the beauty and cultural heritage, are reflected in the stone tablets, flowers and trees on both sides of the road, I will not introduce it. If your vacation time is relatively long, you can also look at the Zen ceremony, the district underground Grand Canyon, the district Sun tribe, ecological scenic spots, mountains, water margin city, etc.

Matters needing attention

Try to avoid the big holidays. Too many people


Eighteen plates dangerous steep, pay attention to safety