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The screws of the glass door hanging of the bathroom partition are generally large

2018-05-12 06:24:11

The screws of the bathroom partition glass door hanging are generally 4 cm to 5 cm big. The bathroom door must be fixed with screws, and should be fixed with 4 to 5 cm self-tapping screws. Bathroom door handle Glass door handle screw 304 stainless steel solid shower room handle cap diameter 8610 Glass door screw fastening nut can be used lid diameter 20mm screws. There are many names for screws, and everyone's name may be different, some people are called screws, some people are called screws, some people are called standard parts, some people are called fasteners. Although there are so many names, but the meaning is the same, are screws, screws is a general term for fasteners. The principle of the screw is to use the physical and mathematical principles of the inclined plane circular rotation and friction force of the object to tighten the tool gradually. The role of the screw is mainly to connect the two workpieces together, play a fastening role, screws are used on general equipment, computers, cars, bicycles, all kinds of machine tools, equipment, almost all machines need to use screws.