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The way to eat light

2018-02-20 04:48:00

Now people's living standards have improved rapidly, from the past to the present to eat and drink freely, people are suddenly immersed in the happiness of the big gulp, unconsciously on the three advanced modern affluence disease. In developed countries abroad, obesity and excessive eating and drinking are not the habits of the aristocracy but the lifestyle of the poor, because science has proved that a light diet is healthy. So, as we do not advocate eating too much fish and meat, eat more vegetarian food, not only to ensure good health, but also to ensure the various nutrients the body must have. Here's how to eat a light diet.




Vegetables and fruits


Eat more high-protein vegetarian foods, such as beans. Legumes can provide us with high quality protein, which is exactly what our body needs. Tofu, bean skin, bean flower, bean curd bamboo and so on. We can change the pattern to eat beans, in the supermarket there is a bean food called vegetarian chicken, delicious fragrance, can be a good substitute for meat food.


Eat more fresh vegetables. Now the farming methods such as greenhouses can provide us with a constant supply of fresh vegetables throughout the year, which is completely not the past kind of cabbage and potatoes to eat a big winter. Therefore, we have to purchase fresh vegetables every day, such as lettuce and so on can be directly washed and eaten raw with dipping sauce, and small rape with hot pan hot oil slightly fried is very delicious. Eating a lot of fresh vegetables every day has many benefits for our body, one is to supplement water, the second is to supplement vitamins, and the third is to provide crude fiber. When we eat fresh vegetables for a long time, we will find that the skin becomes better, and the stool is very smooth every day, which is the credit of fresh vegetables.


Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables. Why should we say fresh here? Because many fruits that have been stored for a long time are far less good than fresh fruits that are in season. You can eat cherry nectarines in spring, melons and watermelons in summer, apples and oranges in autumn, and all kinds of fresh fruits and vegetables shipped from the south in winter. Fruits and vegetables, can give our bodies a lot of water vitamins and crude fiber. The difference is that the fruit tastes better and people prefer to eat it. A few fruits every day, happy mood and good health. So, be sure to eat some fruits every day.


Drink the grated pulp of beans and cereals. The current kitchen equipment, a lot of small appliances are very good to use, you can make a cup of nutritious soy milk or cereal porridge at any time. At home usually prepare some cereals, when needed, it is very convenient to drink in time. This kind of slurry can provide good protein for our body, as well as many trace elements, and this way is conducive to the absorption of the body.


Eat more coarse fiber foods. In modern society, in order to pursue taste, people eat too fine, which is not good for our body. We can eat more coarse fiber foods, high-gluten bread and so on. Crude fiber food, on the one hand to provide some of our body's necessary carbohydrates, on the other hand to provide high fiber can promote our gastrointestinal peristalsis, promote digestion and absorption. The stomach is good, defecation is good, can reduce the stool, for our body has a great help. Those who usually only eat fine food, is it difficult to feel defecation is very little, is to eat too little crude fiber. Nature has designed our bodies very carefully, and if we artificially change them, we will be punished.

Matters needing attention

Control the intake of chicken fish, eggs and milk.