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Underwear and perfume match

2018-02-19 08:00:00

"I only wear ChaneINO. 5 to bed", Marilyn Monroe's classic statement has made many people think of elegant! What kind of wonderful feeling is it to wear only "expensive invisible, invisible but smelled perfume underwear to sleep?" There's probably no woman who wouldn't want to experience it. If we take some care to combine underwear style with perfume, it will undoubtedly better enhance our feminine charm, make us more feminine, and bring us a better feeling than we can imagine. A charming woman who knows how to enjoy life always likes to decorate her body with beautiful underwear that suits her, and then use matching perfume.

Perfumes that match the style of sexy lingerie

Hollow, transparent, lace, with few materials and fine, this underwear presents a sexy style, or pink or black or red, very charming, even if not sexy women become sexy after wearing, and the perfume matching this style of underwear naturally should also be a perfume with charming sexy breath, such as Dior Addict perfume, Its first taste is the smell of citrus leaves and althea wood flowers, and later becomes the sexy smell of the queen of the night "Epiphyllum" fragrance, which is unpredictable and sexy, just so that your woman's sexual charm can be released.

Perfumes that go well with undergarments in a light, pastel style

Soft color (light powder, light purple), soft texture (gauze), lace decoration, this kind of underwear presents a gentle and quiet style, put on it more add a woman's tender beauty, like a rose quietly blooming in the night, shy with a hint of mei, and the matching perfume should also have this breath, Such as YSL Paris Premieres Roses is very suitable, it contains rich flower fragrance, just people, feel cruise between girls and women, full of delicate temptation.

Perfume to match the style of sweet and cute underwear

Light and soft color (tender powder, light yellow, etc.), lace lace, lotus folds, more traditional design, etc., this kind of underwear shows a sweet and lovely style, wearing it gives people a pure and delicate feeling, such as the bud in the morning. With the matching perfume water is Cacharel series NOAFLEUR, crystal ball-like round bottle carrying transparent liquid, emitting pure flowers, bring you a pure, gentle and youthful good feeling.

Perfumes that match elegant lingerie

Noble and gorgeous texture (silk, satin, etc.), elegant style of underwear presents an elegant style, suitable for elegant and noble women, and the matching fragrance should naturally have elegant and noble atmosphere, such as Flower by kenzo, which contains cinnamon tree, white musk, wild hawthorn and other ingredients, elegant fragrance, infinite charm, Give people a comfortable and transparent reception.

How to buy perfume

When testing perfume, you can also spray perfume in the air, and then pick up the smell to the nose, at this time directly present the middle and after taste, for the main tone of the perfume. For ease of description, the main content of a perfume containing three levels is often written in a pyramid style, arranged in segments. Here are two examples. Of course, while most perfumes are described in pyramidal tones, there are exceptions, and aldehydes have their own unique notes. There is nothing special about other chemical materials.


So for taxonomists, the pyramid can be used as a more complete guide to perfume structure. When pure fragrance ingredients are used in the formula, the perfumer will make special instructions in the pyramid structure. (" tuberose "perfume advertising words), such perfumes tend to be high-quality and expensive.